Sapphire is a technology oriented company started in 2015 that focuses on making SaaS product services. We create and work on a large variety of software projects with the goal of providing simple, efficient, and speedy applications for our users while also providing transparency in what we do. Just about all of our software is open sourced too, so others can inspect, fork, use, deploy, and contribute to our software projects.

The end-user is the most important thing to Sapphire. People use our software and services because of our commitment to the user in every aspect. From simplicity and speed to privacy and user policy.

We hold a great deal of passion behind our projects and we hope you'll enjoy them as much as we enjoy making them.

Our Services
Free Git Project Hosting
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Fast and Simple Media Sharing (UNDER DEVELOPMENT)
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Open World Social Network (UNDER DEVELOPMENT)
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GitGud.TV GitGud.TV
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