Software Projects

Core developed, Community supported, and Hosted projects

    Core Developed Projects

    Core Projects are development internally and are owned and maintained by Sapphire Group.


    About this project: An alternative git hosting website with stances on being politically neutral.

    Languages: Ruby - Technologies: Git, GitLab, Mattermost

    Website: - Twitter: @gitgudgg - IRC: #gitgud @


    About this project: A file hosting platform currently based on pomf. We want to rebuild this from scratch and create a new open source file hosting platform with support for accounts and other new features.

    Languages: PHP (currently), Node.JS (planned replacement)

    Website: - Twitter: @mixtape_moe - IRC: #sapphire @

  • - NEW

    About this project: A social Question and Answer site based on FormSpring, Ask.FM, and RetroSpring. It is built from scratch.

    Languages: Node.JS

    Website: - IRC: #sapphire @

  • - NEW

    About this project: An email service based on ProtonMail's client interface and having a wide selection of domains to choose from.

    Languages: TBA

    Website: - IRC: #sapphire @


    About this project: A videogame music radio site.

    Languages: Python

    Website: - Twitter: @vidyafm - IRC: #vidyafm @

  • FutaBilly

    About this project: A new realtime database-less minimalistic imageboard software optimized for low bandwidth and disk I/O.

    Languages: PHP, Node.JS (Archiver backend)

    Code: - IRC: #sapphire @

  • Hosted Projects

    These projects are hosted by Sapphire.

  • DesuStorage

    About this project: An archive for 4chan posts created after went down.

    Languages: PHP, Java (Asagi) - Technologies: FoolFuuka

    Website: - Twitter: @desust0rage - IRC: #desustorage @

  • TweetSave

    About this project: An archiver for Tweets from Twitter.

    Languages: PHP


  • Supported Community Projects

    These projects are supported by Sapphire.

  • 8archive

    About this project: The official archive for 8chan (

    Languages: PHP - Technologies: FutaBilly

    Website: - Twitter: @8archivemoe - IRC: #8archive @

  • AnonArchive - Working Title

    About this project: We archive the less shit tumblr blogs with a homegrown archiving system.

    Languages: Python backend, PHP frontend

    Website: - IRC: #anonarchive @

  • Endchan AKA InfiNow - Working Title

    About this project: A community chan using a modified version of LynxChan.

    Languages: Node.JS - Technologies: LynxChan

    Website: - IRC: #InfinityNow @

  • nntpchan

    About this project: nntp based decentralized imageboard.

    Languages: Python (Frontend), Go (Backend) - Technologies: nntpchan and SRNdv2

    Website: - IRC: #nntpchan @

  • Contributed and Modified Projects

    These are existing projects where Sapphire developers helped out by making contributions to and or modifiying for improvements or changes.

  • Infinity - Modified

    About this project: An infinity fork reducing disk io. A vichan fork permitting users to create their own boards.

    Languages: PHP - Technologies: vichan

    Website: - Code: - Modified Code: - IRC: #8chan-dev @

  • vichan - Modified

    About this project: nntp based decentralized imageboard.

    Languages: PHP

    Website: - Code: - Modified Code: - IRC: #metachan @